Commit aa3a7032 authored by Zhang Chen's avatar Zhang Chen Committed by Jason Wang

net/colo-compare.c: Make colo-compare support vnet_hdr_len

We add the vnet_hdr_support option for colo-compare, default is disabled.
If you use virtio-net-pci or other driver needs vnet_hdr, please enable it.
You can use it for example:
-object colo-compare,id=comp0,primary_in=compare0-0,secondary_in=compare1,outdev=compare_out0,vnet_hdr_support

COLO-compare can get vnet header length from filter,
Add vnet_hdr_len to struct packet and output packet with
the vnet_hdr_len.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarZhang Chen <>
Signed-off-by: 's avatarJason Wang <>
parent 3037e7a5
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ typedef struct CompareState {
CharBackend chr_out;
SocketReadState pri_rs;
SocketReadState sec_rs;
bool vnet_hdr;
/* connection list: the connections belonged to this NIC could be found
* in this list.
......@@ -99,7 +100,8 @@ enum {
static int compare_chr_send(CompareState *s,
const uint8_t *buf,
uint32_t size);
uint32_t size,
uint32_t vnet_hdr_len);
static gint seq_sorter(Packet *a, Packet *b, gpointer data)
......@@ -483,7 +485,10 @@ static void colo_compare_connection(void *opaque, void *user_data)
if (result) {
ret = compare_chr_send(s, pkt->data, pkt->size);
ret = compare_chr_send(s,
if (ret < 0) {
error_report("colo_send_primary_packet failed");
......@@ -506,7 +511,8 @@ static void colo_compare_connection(void *opaque, void *user_data)
static int compare_chr_send(CompareState *s,
const uint8_t *buf,
uint32_t size)
uint32_t size,
uint32_t vnet_hdr_len)
int ret = 0;
uint32_t len = htonl(size);
......@@ -520,6 +526,18 @@ static int compare_chr_send(CompareState *s,
goto err;
if (s->vnet_hdr) {
* We send vnet header len make other module(like filter-redirector)
* know how to parse net packet correctly.
len = htonl(vnet_hdr_len);
ret = qemu_chr_fe_write_all(&s->chr_out, (uint8_t *)&len, sizeof(len));
if (ret != sizeof(len)) {
goto err;
ret = qemu_chr_fe_write_all(&s->chr_out, (uint8_t *)buf, size);
if (ret != size) {
goto err;
......@@ -659,13 +677,32 @@ static void compare_set_outdev(Object *obj, const char *value, Error **errp)
s->outdev = g_strdup(value);
static bool compare_get_vnet_hdr(Object *obj, Error **errp)
CompareState *s = COLO_COMPARE(obj);
return s->vnet_hdr;
static void compare_set_vnet_hdr(Object *obj,
bool value,
Error **errp)
CompareState *s = COLO_COMPARE(obj);
s->vnet_hdr = value;
static void compare_pri_rs_finalize(SocketReadState *pri_rs)
CompareState *s = container_of(pri_rs, CompareState, pri_rs);
if (packet_enqueue(s, PRIMARY_IN)) {
trace_colo_compare_main("primary: unsupported packet in");
compare_chr_send(s, pri_rs->buf, pri_rs->packet_len);
} else {
/* compare connection */
g_queue_foreach(&s->conn_list, colo_compare_connection, s);
......@@ -747,8 +784,8 @@ static void colo_compare_complete(UserCreatable *uc, Error **errp)
net_socket_rs_init(&s->pri_rs, compare_pri_rs_finalize, false);
net_socket_rs_init(&s->sec_rs, compare_sec_rs_finalize, false);
net_socket_rs_init(&s->pri_rs, compare_pri_rs_finalize, s->vnet_hdr);
net_socket_rs_init(&s->sec_rs, compare_sec_rs_finalize, s->vnet_hdr);
......@@ -774,7 +811,10 @@ static void colo_flush_packets(void *opaque, void *user_data)
while (!g_queue_is_empty(&conn->primary_list)) {
pkt = g_queue_pop_head(&conn->primary_list);
compare_chr_send(s, pkt->data, pkt->size);
packet_destroy(pkt, NULL);
while (!g_queue_is_empty(&conn->secondary_list)) {
......@@ -792,6 +832,8 @@ static void colo_compare_class_init(ObjectClass *oc, void *data)
static void colo_compare_init(Object *obj)
CompareState *s = COLO_COMPARE(obj);
object_property_add_str(obj, "primary_in",
compare_get_pri_indev, compare_set_pri_indev,
......@@ -801,6 +843,10 @@ static void colo_compare_init(Object *obj)
object_property_add_str(obj, "outdev",
compare_get_outdev, compare_set_outdev,
s->vnet_hdr = false;
object_property_add_bool(obj, "vnet_hdr_support", compare_get_vnet_hdr,
compare_set_vnet_hdr, NULL);
static void colo_compare_finalize(Object *obj)
......@@ -4282,13 +4282,13 @@ Dump the network traffic on netdev @var{dev} to the file specified by
The file format is libpcap, so it can be analyzed with tools such as tcpdump
or Wireshark.
@item -object colo-compare,id=@var{id},primary_in=@var{chardevid},secondary_in=@var{chardevid},
@item -object colo-compare,id=@var{id},primary_in=@var{chardevid},secondary_in=@var{chardevid},outdev=@var{chardevid}[,vnet_hdr_support]
Colo-compare gets packet from primary_in@var{chardevid} and secondary_in@var{chardevid}, than compare primary packet with
secondary packet. If the packets are same, we will output primary
packet to outdev@var{chardevid}, else we will notify colo-frame
do checkpoint and send primary packet to outdev@var{chardevid}.
if it has the vnet_hdr_support flag, colo compare will send/recv packet with vnet_hdr_len.
we must use it with the help of filter-mirror and filter-redirector.
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