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Documentation: Add iSCSI section

Add new section for device URL syntax for special files and describe the iSCSI
URL with examples
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......@@ -148,6 +148,9 @@ Define a new drive. Valid options are:
This option defines which disk image (@pxref{disk_images}) to use with
this drive. If the filename contains comma, you must double it
(for instance, "file=my,,file" to use file "my,file").
Special files such as iSCSI devices can be specified using protocol
specific URLs. See the section for "Device URL Syntax" for more information.
@item if=@var{interface}
This option defines on which type on interface the drive is connected.
Available types are: ide, scsi, sd, mtd, floppy, pflash, virtio.
......@@ -1718,6 +1721,45 @@ ETEXI
DEFHEADING(Device URL Syntax:)
In addition to using normal file images for the emulated storage devices,
QEMU can also use networked resources such as iSCSI devices. These are
specified using a special URL syntax.
@table @option
@item iSCSI
iSCSI support allows QEMU to access iSCSI resources directly and use as
images for the guest storage. Both disk and cdrom images are supported.
Syntax for specifying iSCSI LUNs is
Example (without authentication):
qemu -cdrom iscsi:// \
--drive file=iscsi://
@end example
Example (CHAP username/password via URL):
qemu --drive file=iscsi://user%password@@
@end example
Example (CHAP username/password via environment variables):
qemu --drive file=iscsi://
@end example
iSCSI support is an optional feature of QEMU and only available when
compiled and linked against libiscsi.
@end table
DEFHEADING(Bluetooth(R) options:)
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