Commit 00d5c240 authored by Zhang Chen's avatar Zhang Chen Committed by Jason Wang

net/filter-mirror.c: Add new option to enable vnet support for filter-redirector

We add the vnet_hdr_support option for filter-redirector, default is disabled.
If you use virtio-net-pci net driver or other driver needs vnet_hdr, please enable it.
Because colo-compare or other modules needs the vnet_hdr_len to parse
packet, we add this new option send the len to others.
You can use it for example:
-object filter-redirector,id=r0,netdev=hn0,queue=tx,outdev=red0,vnet_hdr_support
Signed-off-by: 's avatarZhang Chen <>
Signed-off-by: 's avatarJason Wang <>
parent e2521f0e
......@@ -368,6 +368,22 @@ static void filter_redirector_set_outdev(Object *obj,
s->outdev = g_strdup(value);
static bool filter_redirector_get_vnet_hdr(Object *obj, Error **errp)
MirrorState *s = FILTER_REDIRECTOR(obj);
return s->vnet_hdr;
static void filter_redirector_set_vnet_hdr(Object *obj,
bool value,
Error **errp)
MirrorState *s = FILTER_REDIRECTOR(obj);
s->vnet_hdr = value;
static void filter_mirror_init(Object *obj)
MirrorState *s = FILTER_MIRROR(obj);
......@@ -383,10 +399,17 @@ static void filter_mirror_init(Object *obj)
static void filter_redirector_init(Object *obj)
MirrorState *s = FILTER_REDIRECTOR(obj);
object_property_add_str(obj, "indev", filter_redirector_get_indev,
filter_redirector_set_indev, NULL);
object_property_add_str(obj, "outdev", filter_redirector_get_outdev,
filter_redirector_set_outdev, NULL);
s->vnet_hdr = false;
object_property_add_bool(obj, "vnet_hdr_support",
filter_redirector_set_vnet_hdr, NULL);
static void filter_mirror_fini(Object *obj)
......@@ -4253,11 +4253,11 @@ queue @var{all|rx|tx} is an option that can be applied to any netfilter.
filter-mirror on netdev @var{netdevid},mirror net packet to chardev@var{chardevid}, if it has the vnet_hdr_support flag, filter-mirror will mirror packet with vnet_hdr_len.
@item -object filter-redirector,id=@var{id},netdev=@var{netdevid},indev=@var{chardevid},
@item -object filter-redirector,id=@var{id},netdev=@var{netdevid},indev=@var{chardevid},outdev=@var{chardevid},queue=@var{all|rx|tx}[,vnet_hdr_support]
filter-redirector on netdev @var{netdevid},redirect filter's net packet to chardev
@var{chardevid},and redirect indev's packet to filter.
@var{chardevid},and redirect indev's packet to filter.if it has the vnet_hdr_support flag,
filter-redirector will redirect packet with vnet_hdr_len.
Create a filter-redirector we need to differ outdev id from indev id, id can not
be the same. we can just use indev or outdev, but at least one of indev or outdev
need to be specified.
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