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    numa: make sure that all cpus have has_node_id set if numa is enabled · d41f3e75
    Igor Mammedov authored
    It fixes/add missing _PXM object for non mapped CPU (x86)
    and missing fdt node (virt-arm).
    It ensures that possible_cpus contains complete mapping if
    numa is enabled by the time machine_init() is executed.
    As result non completely mapped CPUs:
     1) appear in ACPI/fdt blobs
     2) QMP query-hotpluggable-cpus command shows bound nodes for such CPUs
     3) allows to drop checks for has_node_id in numa only code,
       reducing number of invariants incomplete mapping could produce
     4) moves fixup/implicit node init from runtime numa_cpu_pre_plug()
       (when CPU object is created) to machine_numa_finish_init() which
       helps to fix [1, 2] and make possible_cpus complete source
       of numa mapping available even before CPUs are created.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarIgor Mammedov <imammedo@redhat.com>
    Message-Id: <1496161442-96665-4-git-send-email-imammedo@redhat.com>
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarEduardo Habkost <ehabkost@redhat.com>
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