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    README: fill out some useful quickstart information · 0a3c1900
    Daniel P. Berrange authored
    The README file is usually the first thing consulted when a user
    or developer obtains a copy of the QEMU source. The current QEMU
    README is lacking immediately useful information and so not very
    friendly for first time encounters. It either redirects users to
    qemu-doc.html (which does not exist until they've actually
    compiled QEMU), or the website (which assumes the user has
    convenient internet access at time of reading).
    This fills out the README file as simple quick-start guide on
    the topics of building source, submitting patches, licensing
    and how to contact the QEMU community. It does not intend to be
    comprehensive, instead referring people to an appropriate web
    page to obtain more detailed information. The intent is to give
    users quick guidance to get them going in the right direction.
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